Partnership Working

Are you getting the most from your partnerships?

Working with partners makes the best use of resources such as budgets, people, systems and data and in the current economic climate, more and more organisations need to investigate the possibilities of working together.

The most obvious challenge facing the public sector is reduced budgets and we can help. We have helped organisations share management and services to bring around efficiencies. We have helped others to change the focus of their management team to become more flexible and pro-active to deal with the challenge of less funding.

Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring their wealth of experience so that we can help you. We are from the public, private and voluntary sectors, and some of us continue to hold Non-Executive roles in PCTs for example, or voluntary roles in local community groups. We are aware of the challenges facing you.

“YCChange's approach to neighbourhood working has been an excellent one. They have continued to be flexible, offering us several options on most issues instead of only one recommended outcome. Their understanding of community cohesion and empowerment, the targets of the Local Strategic Partnership, and providing Local Community Action Plan options, has been very helpful as we continue to discuss what steps our Local Strategic Partnership may wish to take."

Ian Wolstenholme, Head of Partnerships, Richmondshire District Council

YCChange has a successful track record of working with partnerships of all kinds, including Local Strategic Partnerships, those in two tier areas, and local communities.

To support your effectiveness we will look at your shared priorities and make sure that these feature within all your organisations so that you are working towards the same goal. We look at your approaches to value for money, harmonisation, performance management, capacity and sustainability, so that you can achieve your goals set for the partnership.


YCChange always concentrates on the positive aspects of change. Being positive means that it is easier to find ways around problems, and people involved in the process tend to be more creative and productive, and morewilling to work together. We make it possible for partners to make joint commitments, and we support everybody through the changes required.

“Yvonne led on our CAA Self Evaluation as part of the national pilot. She challenged our approach and made sure that what we included were those things we truly did in partnership – over and above our usual remit.”

Peter Simpson
Chief Executive
Hambleton District Council

All partnerships are risky, and sometimes one of the partners will want to go in a different direction. Often this results in the partnership breaking down rather than negotiating and moving on to a different kind of relationship. The breakdown has financial and other consequences and is to be avoided if at all possible. YCChange can help guide the partners through these scary times to a redefined and more stable partnership.

At any time we can work with the partners to make sure goals are being met, not just financial but also softer targets such as vision, purpose and practice. As outside consultants, we are independent and seen as objective by the partners, and as a result participants in the process are ready to cooperate.



We can help

• LSP – Top Team Capacity Building
• Partnership Healthcheck
• Partnership Working – Fit For Purpose
• Joint Commissioning
• Approach to Total Place


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