Are you getting the most from your partnerships?
Effective Partnership Working - are you getting the most from your partnerships?

Partnership working to maximise resources (people, money, data and systems) is now a fundamental approach to delivering services.  Many of you have been using this approach for years – but the expectations for effective partnership working are rising.

With experience in the public sector and with private sector businesses, our consultants can help you with:

  • Effective delivery of the Local Area Agreements (LAAs)
  • Effective working with the Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs)
  • Partnership assessment for ensuring Effectiveness
  • Performance Management in Partnerships
  • Value for Money (VFM) Assessment
  • Harmonisation in Partnerships
  • Comprehensive Area Assessments (CAAs)
  • Sustainable Community Strategy and Community Strategy

Local Strategic Partnerships / Local Area Agreements

Our consultants have experience working with Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) and working to develop, deliver and monitor Local Area Agreements (LAAs).

Partnership Toolkit

We have developed Partnership Toolkits designed to challenge existing partnerships and set the framework for new partnerships to ensure the effectiveness of their purpose and their processes.

Performance Management in Partnerships

Working with a leading supplier of performance management software, we have implemented performance management software systems to monitor the performance of partnerships – keeping the ‘golden thread’ alive and ensuring a partnership culture.

Value for Money (VFM) Assessments

We can carry out a VFM assessment on any of your partnerships – helping you to identify if your partnerships are delivering in line with expectations. 

Harmonisation in Partnerships

We have worked with major partnerships in ensuring harmonisation – of vision, of purpose and of practice.  We can facilitate such sessions with yourselves and your partnerships as an external and independent support mechanism helps maintain focus on the goals the partnership sets out to achieve.

If you would like to know more about our value for money service and how it can improve the efficiency of your Partnerships then please contact Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726.