Capacity Building


An organisation stands or falls on the quality and dedication of its people, and at YCChange we recognise this. We recognise that People are absolutely key to all organisations and that is why they are an integral part of our 6P model for excellence.

MVMP engaged YCChange to undertake a staffing review during a transitional phase of the company...The approach was interactive, fully inclusive and resulted in a better understanding of strengths and gaps in the skill base which will help the company move forward in an ever changing operating environment. YCChange undertook this work in a thoroughly professional manner.

Gary Kirk
Chief Executive
Meden Valley Making Places

We work with individuals or groups. YCChange provides both consultancy and coaching so we can look at developing people in many different ways. We can tailor programmes to your specific needs.

We can help


Leadership Development for Staff, your Executive and Board

  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Handling Conflict
  • Interim Management
  • 360° appraisal
  • Training including for example, Customer Services, Diversity, VfM, Project Management, Performance and Risk Management, Innovation, Managing Change, Motivating your teams, Decision Making, Time Management
  • Organisational Restructuring

We can support the development of your leaders and your senior managers.  Some of our leadership programmes are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute through our partnership with Partners In Management. These courses focus on creativity, managing change, being a coach, and on driving and creating a culture of innovation so that your leaders are inspiring and can encourage and motivate your staff through difficult times.

We also work with teams so that they create great results in improving motivation and Performance.  We help teams in many different ways. Some teams may not be working well together or there could even be conflict betweenthe team members, but we have the tools to restore harmony. Sometimes you need to establish new teams to work on a particular new task, even a complete change of direction. Building such a team is a skilled job and at YCChange we have those skills.

Yvonne designed and led a superb team-building awayday event that got everyone involved. The feedback was really positive and has given me some solid foundations to take further initiatives forward...

Rob Winter Assistant
 Executive Director of Finance (Audit and Risk Management) 
Barnsley MBC

Sometimes you have a specific task to accomplish which lasts a finite time and which may not be appropriate for an existing member of staff. Or perhaps the organisation is restructuring and you do not yet have all the specialised people you need. In these and many other circumstances we can 'fill in' with a temporary member of staff or project manager or some other kind of specialist  our consultants have a very wide range of experience and qualifications and will be able to fulfil any interim requirements.

If you are embarking on a change programme, often, particularly in times of stress and change, staff can feel left out and unhappy. We recognise that your people are key to providing great services to your customers. We look at ways to cherish your staff, and we start by involving all of them in shaping plans going forward. Happy staff are crucial to us all. Happy staff continue to provide great services to our customers.




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