What Coaching Isn't
Coaching is not...


We need to be very clear about what coaching IS NOT, just as much as we do about what it is.  Coaching is not therapy, it is not counselling.  In Coaching we are always looking forward at what your goal is – this week, next week, in 3 months time, in 12 months time.  We do not look backwards over your past – or delve deep into issues are re-occurring for you.  We do not look to the past to find the solutions to something that is happening for you now.  A coach is always exclusively about the ‘now' and the ‘future'.

Coaching is not mentoring.  Mentoring is about providing advice – in coaching, a coach NEVER gives advice because the goal and the path to get there is different for each and every individual.  What's right for one person is not for the next. A mentor is an expert in their field and provides advice to those up and coming stars in that specific field.  Coaching holds the belief that each individual has the answer within themselves and the skill and technique of coaching is to help you find those answers.