Our approach to business excellence
What does excellence mean?
Public Sector Business Excellence Consultants for Local Authorities and the Social Housing Sector


Business Excellence is something that every organisation should strive for – and the public sector is no exception.

YCChange Consultants Ltd offers a range of consultancy and interim management support to help you achieve business excellence.

Our 6P Model™ for Business Excellence will provide you with the framework you need to meet your performance targets, continuously improve performance and optimise your business efficiency.

What does business excellence mean?

We can help you achieve business excellence in any or all of the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction and people development
  • Meeting objectives and performance targets
  • Efficient and effective running of your organisation
  • Organisational and communications strategies
  • Effective governance for all key areas
  • Effective and empowering partnership working


We can also help you work towards:

  • Winning awards
  • Becoming one of the Top100 Employers
  • Growing a top class performance reputation
  • Performance results that are the best

The 6P Model™ is our secret to your success, allowing us to work with you on a holistic approach to business excellence or to improve your business efficiency and effectiveness in the areas that most need it.


These may include:

  • Developing an options appraisal for your best way of working- individually or with others
  • Clarifying your vision for success
  • Working with you on people development
  • Enhancing performance and delivering results
  • Developing an effective communications strategy
  • Advising you on partnership working
  • Helping you with effective governance

For any further information or a more in-depth discussion on how our 6P framework could benefit your organisation, please contact:

Yvonne Castle on 07974 218726