Customer Insight

You can provide amazing services to your customers if you know exactly who your customers are. How fantastic is their experience when you answer the phone and use their name, when you ring them to explain a rent statement because they have trouble reading, when they receive their newsletter by email because they’ve told you that’s the way they want to receive information from you.

How efficient for you that you can target financial inclusion strategies in a particular area, rather than a scattergun approach because you know that people in that area have higher debts, not just with you, but with other companies as well.

You can make a bigger difference to their lives with the resources that you have by supporting your people in a tailored way – you can help them reduce all their debts, not just those to you.

“Yvonne has revamped our training programme, supported our staff and managers in understanding and using Equality Impact Assessments, improved our performance reporting to maximise the impact our customer profiling data has on access and service delivery.”

“YCChange has a range and depth of skills that we could draw upon - cross cutting services such as equalities and diversity, value for money and access and customer focus - as well as front line service skills around income, asset management and repairs.”

Tim Harris Interim 
Chief Executive 
Homes in Havering


We can help you gain amazing customer insight which in turn will provide improved services to your customers whilst making the way you do this, much more cost effective.

We can help

• Insight Strategy
• Customer Profiling
• Data Analysis and Research
• Efficiencies through Resource Prioritisation
• Service Improvements

We work with you to identify what data you have, and what you don’t have. Most importantly we help you work with our data, analyse it and understand how you can use it to provide value for money services. We can map your customer data against demographic data such as income levels, the types of houses they live in and their lifestyles.

“YCChange have carried out the final household survey of our Strong Safer Communities Funded Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder...making sure that the sample size was big enough and the demographic mix representative enough. The team was lovely to work with and the finished product very professional. I would not hesitate to use YCChange again.”

Hayley Ash Cotmanhay
 Neighbourhood Manager
 Cotmanhay Enterprise Centre

We can put people into groups, and because of their shared interests and lifestyle, we can predict what kind of services and facilities such people will expect to see in their local area. This results in limited budgets being spent where they are needed the most, and is much more efficient than just providing a standard list of services everywhere.




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